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No matter what the weather is in your part of North America, nothing says BBQ like Pulled Pork…well, maybe ribs!  Here we guide you through the process to make the best pulled pork in your neighborhood.  Step 3 Sauces will elevate your game to a whole new level.  Be prepared to have the neighbors knocking when ever the smoker is rolling.

Some folks prepare their Boston Butt in the oven, some in a crock-pot, but we are suckers for the only true method, the smoker!  Let’s light the fires with our Stump Chunks and cook some Q.

Items we will need:

  1. Bone-In or Boneless Boston Butt, sized to your pleasure! We usually run with the big dogs and go around 10-12lbs.
  2. Your favorite pork rub, there are ton out there so don’t be afraid to try something new!
  3. Apple Juice and meat injector (optional)
  4. Aluminum pan, aluminum foil, thermometer, insulated gloves
  5. Plenty of Step 3 sauce (Camp Fire and/or Back Roads)

Let’s prep the Boston Butt, trimming off any excess fat, not to much, remember, fat is flavor, and most will render out.

Place the now trimmed Butt into an aluminum pan, then use our injector to introduce the apple juice into the Butt.  Move the needle around, and inject evenly, using a cup or 2 of injection.  Don’t worry, you can’t over inject these puppies, but you can create Ol’ Faithful if you don’t watch your injection holes!

Once you get your smoker up to the desired temp (we cook at 225-250), place the Butt on the smoker and discard the pan.  We don’t want the raw pork juice lying around.  Depending on size, the next portion can take anywhere from 4-10 hours.  We suggest taking the internal temperature every couple hours.

When you get to around 165 degrees, it is time to nestle the tasty looking piece of pork in a cocoon of Step 3 sauce and aluminum foil!

On a stable surface move the Butt to our extra-long piece of foil.  Make sure you can get full wrap on the Butt, we are about to ‘steam’ this bad boy.  Just before wrapping, coat the entire Butt with Step 3 Camp Fire Sauce (or Back Roads).  Wrap the butt and return to the smoker, checking the temperature every hour until it hits 200-205 degrees.

We remove the Butt, set it inside a pan, and carefully open the foil to see what is going on.  After a few minutes of venting the pork, cover and allow to cool for 30-45 minutes.

We are ready to ‘pull’ this Butt, make sure you are wearing insulated, food safe gloves and have at it.  I remove the bone and disgard.  Then I masterfully begin to tear the meat, making sure to not ‘mush’ it, just gently pull it apart.  If you do not have good gloves, this will get very hot, let the meat relax if that is the case.

Once pulled, toss in some more of the Step 3 sauce and serve!

Pit Master hints:

  1. If you don’t have smoker just adapt the recipe for your oven. Similar process, just keep your Butt in a pan so as not to ruin your oven.
  2. We are offering this one up when you don’t have time to attend to the Butts every need…The crockpot! Simply turn it on, season your Butt, drop it in to the crockpot and come back some number of hours later when it hits 200 degrees. Pull it apart and add some Step 3 sauce. Easy and simple way to enjoy some pork with our sauce!


The Pitmaster

 Step 3 sauce turning the righteous 10lb hunk of pork into a work of art!




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