2 Slabs of Ribs. Baby Backs or Spare Ribs
BBQ rubs of your choice. (you can add 2 different rubs together)
2 Table Spoon of Kosher Salt (optional)
Back Roads BBQ sauce
1. Remove membrane on bone side. Start on corner with a paper towel to help get grip on
membrane and pull.
2. Trim any excess fat on the Ribs.
3. Light layer Kosher Salt on top Ribs. (optional)
4. Season with BBQ rub bone side first then meat side up. Let rest for min 15 minutes.
5. Start you grill or smoker for indirect cooking at 275. Add cherry or hickory chunks.
6. When smoke has change to blue and smell pleasant
7. Add the ribs meat side up or just hang them in a drum smoker.
8. Check the ribs after 2hrs for color or temp between 165-170
9.  Lay out two sheets of heavy-duty foil for each slab.
10. Drizzle honey and rub on foil length of the Ribs.
11. Meat side down on the foil
12. Wrap tight in foil. (be careful around the bones they will pop out foil.)
13. After 1hr of cooking turn Ribs meat side up an check for doneness. Temp should be
around 200. It should feel like butter with a tooth pick or your thermometer.
14. Remove the Ribs. Make a foil boat. (Foil around Ribs to hold any drippings)
15. Apply Back Roads sauce on the ribs. Place back on cooker for 10-15mins.
16. Let Ribs rest 10-15 minutes.
17. Cut Ribs and enjoy.

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